Rules & Regulations

52nd National Athletic Directors Show


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It is the responsibility of the exhibiting firm to be fully familiar with these Exhibit Rules and Regulations and to see that each member of the firm attending the conference, either as exhibit personnel or delegate or both, is also familiar with the Rules and Regulations. Distribution to all those who will be present for the conference is recommended.


Exhibiting Policy
Exhibitors agree that the rules and regulations of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) printed in this brochure are part of the contract and will be observed by the exhibitor’s company and representatives and that only lines and merchandise acceptable to the NFHS/NIAAA will be exhibited. Use of the NFHS/NIAAA name, logo or acronym for samples, marketing, advertising, etc., is strictly prohibited.

Applications for exhibit space at future National Athletic Directors Shows may be declined if an exhibitor does not comply with all rules and regulations stated.


Character of the Exhibit
In keeping with the NFHS/NIAAA philosophy to provide the best possible atmosphere to discuss the equipment and services displayed, each exhibitor agrees as follows: To exhibit only products of their own manufacture or supply as indicated on the Exhibit Space/Application form. Products must be displayed in a tasteful manner. In deference to fellow exhibitors and to the exhibit audience, exhibitors are specifically prohibited from operating noise-creating devices (i.e., bells, sirens, public address systems, etc.). Show management reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level for working exhibits in the event of complaints from other exhibitors. Dispensing or serving food or beverage is prohibited unless ordered from the Colorado Convention Center with permission from the NFHS/NIAAA. Food and beverage sampling portions must not exceed two ounces. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed in the Exhibit Hall. Smoking is not permitted in the Exhibit Hall.


1. Contract for Space
Applicants for exhibit space are required to execute and forward an Application/Contract to the NFHS/NIAAA. To be valid, each application must be accompanied by payment in full and must specify the products or services scheduled for exhibition. Booth prices are variable ($1,200-$5,000) and are indicated in the key located with the floor plan.

2. Space Assignment
Allocation of space will be determined by date and time of receipt of Application/Contract via online registration, and as close as possible on the basis of applicant’s wishes and requirements. If the preferred booth choices are no longer available, show management will contact exhibitor and allow the exhibitor to choose from the open booth spaces. The NFHS/NIAAA reserves the right to alter the Exhibit Floor Plan or change space assignments at its discretion and/or the interest of any exhibitor. In such event, the exhibitors affected by the changes will be notified by the NFHS/NIAAA. Exhibitors’ representatives shall remain inside the confines of their exhibit space, not in the aisles. Exhibitors shall agree to oversee their booth(s) during the exhibit hours until 11:30 a.m. on December 13, when the show closes. Early tear down will not be permitted. Penalties may apply.

As a reminder the NFHS/NIAAA place by time and date of completed online registration, after the NFHS Corporate Partners and NIAAA Corporate Sponsors have been placed.

3. Payment for Space
Payment in full is due with Application/Contract to validate space reservations. Payments made by check must be secured within 30 days from the date of confirmation of Application/Contract, or space reservation will be withdrawn. Deposits will not be accepted. Exhibitors will be notified via email of space confirmation.

4. Cancellation
A refund of ninety percent (90%) will be granted for space canceled in writing within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of confirmation. Fifty percent (50%) of the deposit will be retained if space is canceled after 30 days from date of confirmation. However, no refunds will be issued for space canceled after November 1, 2021. All cancellations must be in writing, postmarked by cancellation deadlines.

5. No Show
Any company that is contracted to exhibit must check-in on-site with NFHS/NIAAA show management by 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 12 or company will be considered a “no show.” Its space is subject to being released. No refund will be issued.

6. Subletting
No exhibitor may assign, sublet or apportion his or her space in whole or in part, nor exhibit any products or services other than those manufactured or handled in the normal course of its business, nor permit any agent or any exhibiting firm to solicit business in its space. If special circumstances warrant an exception, permission must be obtained in writing from Show Management, who reserves the right to render final judgment with regard to the appropriateness of the request.

7. Exhibitor Kit
An exhibitor kit will be furnished to all participating exhibitors by the official conference decorator, Fern Exposition & Event Services, and will contain exhibit instructions and order forms for all booth accessories and services required. Orders not processed in advance for furniture, carpeting, labor, etc., must be procured at the Exhibitor Service Desk in the Exhibit Hall. NOTE: A significant discount is offered on orders placed in advance. Exhibitors requiring the services of independent contractors must have prior approval of Show Management and provide the Independent Contractor’s Certificate of Insurance naming the NFHS/NIAAA as an additional insured, thirty (30) days prior to the exhibition. No exceptions will be made that interfere with the orderly function or security of the exposition, or with obligations or commitments of the NFHS/NIAAA. Exhibitors using ground or air freight carriers are requested to ship directly to the designated freight contractor in ample time prior to the exposition to allow effective and timely handling of materials.

8. Display Construction and Limitations
(see Display Specifications)
The NFHS/NIAAA will provide:

  • Flameproof side drapes three feet (3’) high
  • Flameproof back drape eight feet (8’) high
  • One (1) uniformly-styled sign, designating the exhibitor’s firm name and booth number

The Exhibit Hall is not carpeted.

No signs other than those furnished by the official decorator will be permitted outside of the exhibit booths, exhibit hall and meeting space.


Any special signs in exhibit booths must be approved in advance by Show Management, and all special booth signs MUST be within your exhibit space. Exhibitors in booths are NOT permitted to erect displays or other materials on the sides of their booths (measuring five feet from the front to the rear of the exhibit booth) that would limit the view of neighboring booths. This includes racks of clothing or apparel, easels, etc. Exhibitors shall not display or utilize any sign, partition, apparatus, shelving display or other construction which extends more than 12 feet above the floor. For island booths, height allowance is 16 feet. Exhibitors will not be allowed to obstruct the view of other exhibitors. Rules will be enforced. Video monitors must be located in the back of the booth, and the table or platform on which the monitor is placed shall not exceed 42 inches. International Association of Exhibitions and Events display specifications will apply. End caps shall comply with IAEE specifications. If you have questions about your booth regarding IAEE specifications, please send a sketch or photo of your booth to the NFHS/NIAAA. No spotlights or electrical connections may be installed by exhibitors. All electrical and service connections must be made by in-house technicians. No open flames, flammable gas or flammable material of any type is permitted in the exhibit area.

9. Exhibitor’s Admission Credentials
Exhibitors shall supply the NFHS/ NIAAA with an advance list of their representatives who are expected to attend. An online form will be provided by the NFHS/NIAAA for submitting this list. Everyone must register individually at Exhibitor Registration upon arrival at the exhibit area and wear identification badges at all times which will be furnished without charge and will indicate the name of the company that contracted the space. Only registered attendees and exhibitors are permitted in the Exhibit Hall.

Name badges per booth size:
Single Booths will receive 4 name badges
Double Booths will receive 6 name badges
Triple Booths will receive 8 name badges
Island Booths will receive 10 name badges
If you need to purchase additional name badges they will cost $75/name badge.

10. Selling, Raffles or Lotteries, and Distribution of Materials
Exhibitors may show, discuss, explain, take orders, demonstrate, and sell items or services. Products not enumerated on the Exhibit Space/Application Form are prohibited from being displayed. Raffles or lotteries may be conducted at exhibit booths, but no exhibitor shall be allowed to use the central P.A. system to announce winners or make remarks. No materials, catalogs or product literature or information shall be placed outside the exhibitor’s booth.

11. Facility Rules and Regulations
Nothing shall be nailed, stapled, hung or attached to ceilings, walls or columns, trim or other painted surfaces, nor will the penetration of floors, walls, columns, ceilings or trim be permitted in any portion of the building. Exhibitors and/or their agents shall not damage or deface equipment provided by the NFHS/NIAAA. When such damage occurs, resulting costs will be charged directly to the liable party.

The following exhibitor regulations must be observed – there are no exceptions:

  • Gasoline-powered vehicles for display must have less than 1/4 tank of gas or ten gallons, whichever is less, and the fuel tank must be sealed with tape or locked. Battery cables shall be disconnected once the vehicles are in the booth. Visqueen must be placed underneath the vehicle.
  • The use of helium in any form, glitter, pets/animals, motorized vehicles (except for exhibit purposes), stick-on decals, or any object/material with an adhesive, removable backing is prohibited.
  • All electrical equipment/wiring must conform with National Electrical Code Safety Rules. Column or wall outlets may not be used in the exhibit halls for direct connection by anyone other than employees of the authorized electrical contractor.
  • Display and/or operation of any heavy equipment will be subject to the floor loading restrictions of the exhibit area.
  • Drip and/or drop cloths are required when pouring or vending beverages, or preparing, operating or testing exhibit equipment to prevent lubricants, paints, fluids, etc., from staining the floor or causing a slippage hazard. All vehicles which produce or emit effluent and which must be operated for the purpose of an exhibit production or performance must adhere to operational recommendations of Show Management, in keeping with approval of the Colorado Fire Marshall’s office. These materials should be secured nightly or when no longer in use.
  • All exhibit-related utility connections (which includes electrical, audio, video, water, compressed air, telephone and data transmission) must be ordered through and supervised by Show Management or contractors authorized by Show Management. This includes any and all utility connections made which are not implicitly covered in the electrical or plumbing rate schedules.

12. Non-Liability
It is expressed, understood and agreed by each and every contracting exhibitor, his/her agents and his/her guests that neither the NFHS/NIAAA, nor its employees, nor its contractors, nor the Colorado Convention Center, shall be liable for loss or damage to the goods or properties of exhibitors. At all times, such goods and properties remain in the sole possession and custody of the exhibitor. On submitting the Application/Contract, exhibitor releases and agrees to indemnify the NFHS/NIAAA and the Colorado Convention Center, its managers, officers, members, sponsors, employees and agents, and save them harmless from any suit or claim for property damage or personal injury by whomsoever sustained, including exhibitor and its agents or employees, on or about the exhibitor’s display space, including damage or injury resulting in whole or part from the alleged negligence of one or more of the aforementioned indemnities.

13. Insurance
Exhibitors and any independent contractors (See seven) they may employ must have comprehensive insurance. Neither NFHS/NIAAA nor the Colorado Convention Center maintains insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property. Although Show Management does engage an independent security service for the exhibition area and takes reasonable measures to protect exhibitor displays and materials, be advised that displays and materials, exhibiting firm, and insurance for any loss or damage should be carried on these items. National Athletic Directors Conference requires that all Exhibitors to carry Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate. NFHS/NIAAA and the Colorado Convention Center shall be named as Additional Insured. This insurance must be enforce during the lease dates and during any set-up and break-down by exhibitor of the event, December 11-13, 2021.

14. Suites, Hospitality Events or Functions
Suites or space for hospitality events or functions must be cleared through the NFHS/NIAAA. Hospitality events or functions are not permitted during exhibit hours or while any conference programs are in session.

15. Part of Contract
These rules and regulations constitute a bonafide part of the contract for space. Show Management reserves the right to render interpretations and decisions and to make such additional conditions, rules and regulations as deemed necessary to enhance the success of the conference and to decline or prohibit any exhibit which, in its judgment, is out of keeping with the character of the conference. This is all-inclusive as to persons, things printed matter, products and conduct. The NFHS/NIAAA reserves the right to reject any and all exhibit applications. The NFHS/NIAAA may demand release of space at any time during the exhibit show for failure to conform to these rules and regulations. Show Management’s decision and interpretations shall be accepted as final in all cases.

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52nd National Athletic Directors Show