NFHS Foundation


The NFHS Foundation's purpose is to serve and protect the integrity of high school sports and activities by funding research and programs in the areas of risk minimization and leadership.

One of the pillars of the NFHS Foundation is leadership – donations, like yours, allow the Foundation to continue to fund leadership opportunities for high school students, coaches, officials and administrators just like this one.

NFHS Foundation Purpose

  • To receive and maintain a fund of real or personal property, or both, and subject to the restrictions and limitations set forth in these and other articles of incorporation, to use and apply the whole or any part of the income thereof exclusively for the educational purposes of the corporation.
  • To facilitate the educational activities of the National Federation of State High School Associations and its constituent state associations.
  • To serve and promote high school interscholastic athletics and other high school activity programs.
  • To develop a model curriculum of citizenship skills which can be incorporated into high school interscholastic sports instruction and other high school activities.
  • To promote the model curriculum of citizenship skills through student-athlete leadership conferences and training sessions for coaches and officials.
  • To provide information — through conferences, publications and other means — to high school administrators, coaches, teachers and students concerning the educational benefits realized by students’ participation in high school sports and activities.
  • To minimize the risk of injury in interscholastic sports and other high school activities by sponsoring research into risk-minimization issues which are applicable to high school athletics and activities and developing teaching programs to inform administrators, coaches and student-athletes of these concerns.
  • To make grants to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to individuals to permit the organization or individual to study, prepare materials for or publish materials to be used in furthering the education of high school students in the context of high school activities or high school athletic programs.

NFHS Foundation Recent Projects

  • Grants to state associations operating student leadership conferences and other student leadership opportunities.
  • Investments in the “Anyone Can Save a Life” program to develop, implement and practice Emergency Action Plans.
  • Research in overuse injuries, mental health, and contributions to High School RIO™.
  • Nationwide distribution of AEDs to high schools totally almost $1M.
  • Currently embarking on a nationwide distribution of Wet Bulb Globe Thermometers to high schools.