National Book Study


“Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion through inclusive practices creates opportunities to improve the overall quality of the human experience.”
–NFHS Press Release January 2022  

October 19 - November 9, 2022

Book and Webinar Sessions are Free to all participants.

Certificate of Completion received at the conclusion of book study.
(Must attend at least 3 sessions.)

Registration will close on September 15, 2022

Just need a space.

Who should participate?

Athletic Directors | Coaches | Officials | Parents

Performing Arts Administrators | School Administrators | Students | Teachers

Concepts in the Book

  • It Starts With Each of Us
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • Talk About It
  • Check Your Biases and Blind Spots
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone
  • Build Diverse Teams
  • Collaborate
  • Align Actions With Goals & Values


Why is it important for the NFHS to promote this book study?

“It is important for the NFHS to promote this book study for two reasons. First, the NFHS is a learning organization. In that light, the book study represents a solid educational initiative extended to those who champion education-based sports and performing arts participation at the grassroots level. Secondly, it is important to engage in collaborative learning around concepts that drive effective diversity, equity, and inclusion practices to broaden one’s overall intellectual perspective.”
-- Mautrice Meriweather, NFHS Chief Talent Officer


“The book had a subtle way of pointing out our personal blind spots and bringing them to the conscience level.”
–Section 3 participant

“It was an absolute pleasure to facilitate the book study. We had rich conversations that connected the book to our everyday lives. I appreciated the openness and willingness of each participant as they shared their different experiences so that we could learn from one another.”
–Section 1 facilitator

“Listening to understand; how to create an environment of inclusiveness to invite perspectives was a valuable takeaway from the book.”
–Section 2 participant

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